DXF import

I followed following tutorial to use DXF file in Blender. The DXF file was generated in QCAD and had two squares and four circles.

> http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=78688

When I used OOo and exported it to SVG file, the import of Blender says"Error: there is no path in this file"

When I saved as ps from QCAD, and tried to import as ps in Blender, it says “Error: python script error: check console”. But, I could not find a way to check console.

On directly importing as DXF in blender, things appears to fine, but in edit mode, with “a” I can not select all. It select only one line. Screen showed name of object as paper_space0.009. So I could not convert them into vector control points and mesh conversion was not possible.

Please help me to use DXF in blender.

I can not repreduse this error, even with a blank svg file that dose not have any paths/splines in it. Could you share the DXF file (even tho it’s so basic)?

The blender DXF importer imports as a mesh.

Please see DXF, and other files at:


If direct DXF import as mesh, then how to convert that into plane or other object, which can be extruded or allow other operations in Blender can be done.

I got no errors importing the svg file worked fine (as always). Are you running bender v2.42a?

Select all the objects (segments) and hit CTRL+J to join them all, go into edit mode and Rem Doubles, then extrude.

Good luck.

I am using 2.4.1 on Ubuntu

I am still getting problem.

The moment I press TAB to select all object, in DXF imprted file, blender crashes. :frowning:

You can get 2.4.2a here.

That don’t sound good, maybe the update will help.

I installed Blender_2.4.2a. It stop crashing. However, it does not have iimport for Path. It only have VRML, DXF, VideoScope and STL.

That was path or installation problem. Now I have solved that. I can import SVG file and process on that. I have some question on tutorial by N3ON, for which I will start a nw thread.

Thanks a lot for helping me.