DXV Codec for Blender?

DXV is a hardware accelerated codec used by programs like the VJ program “Resolume”. https://resolume.com/manual/en/r4/dxv
Sure, I could use a converter and render to Blender’s formats then convert that, but then

  1. I lose transparency. DXV codec supports alpha.
  2. I waste time.

I installed DXV codec from here but I don’t see it in Blender. https://resolume.com/software/codec
How can I use DXV with Blender?

Guess this answers the question.

How does it?

This is not GPLed code you’d need to interact with and coders behind Resolume do not intend to “free” it; there is no any usage of this codec other than in named proprietary software where it does take advantage of decoding using GPU - for other applications it represents itself as Quicktime which is available in Blender if you are on Win platform.
Isn’t this enough of facts to explain why?
Use Quicktime and you’ll have transparency.

It doesn’t matter if it’s GPL or LGPL or whatever. Codecs can be installed and called separately, this isn’t the first proprietary codec I’m using from Blender. But it is the first that doesn’t show up in the list after being installed.

Is it so? Every imaginable codec?
In order to use codec from Blender it needs to be listed as available at least. AFAIK this codec should offer some info which is sought in codecs.py file (…/2.7x/python/lib/) and probably needs to be referenced even deeper in Blender’s code. Likely, dxv does not offer this in a way it’s usually done.

You could make a request on Resolume channel if you plan on using dxv encoded videos from Blender in their app.

Last, what i saw on their page while looking for the invitational link “Your app is not supported? Ask us!”, their FAQ says: “The DXV Codec is not visible in the list of codecs.” “You need to have Quicktime installed in the default location: C:/Program Files/QuickTime” - have you?