Dylan Dog tribute

Thanks for the clarification, I agree, I thought so, but it is difficult for me to express myself precisely in English. Your work is exceptional, when I close my eyes I see the DD face that you drew, that is the real beauty of comics.
There is another rule, artists who draw by hand, still try to save a little on labor. They draw and emphasize only what is important, the message or emotion they want to show the viewer. They draw less important details just to cover the gap. .
Due to the ease of drawing, computer graphics tend to draw too many details and stifle what is important, the message or the emotion. Too many less important details overwhelm what matters.
The rule is Less is better.

I made “comics” video. it is just an experiment…
I use GMIC filters Pencilbw and Stamp.
Pencil black and white makes sketch lines Stamp makes black shadows. Opacity for stamp is 30%

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