Dynamia - (not theeth's) flocking & behavioral program (


I was looking for the address to theeth’s Dynamica page (found it) and came across this at www.dynamica.org (that’s the name of the site, not the software). It’s called “Living Concepts”, and it’s nothing like theeth’s plugin, it’s a Win/OSX behavioral software that handles, to quote the author,

LivingConcepts was written to enable students of the Algorithmic Art and Artificial Intelligence class given by Prof. Remko Scha at the University of Amsterdam to explore the often difficult concepts that are presented in the course. The course entails a host of topics and we tried to select a few representative concepts in the hope that by seeing how these concepts work together you get, quite literally, a better ‘feel’ for how they can be used. The topics we selected for this version are ‘brownian motion’, ‘flocking’, ‘recursion’, ‘feedback’, ‘cellular automata’, ‘hillclimbing’ and ‘machine drawing’ …

Go to “Projects” on the left and then click “Living Concepts”. There are some demo movies of what it does submitted by others and it says on the site that you can request the source code. He’s released v1.0 of both Win and Mac (10.3.2 only, apparently). It seems pretty interesting for simulating natural behavior of living things, maybe there’s a way to massage this into a complimentary tool for blender via creating an export plugin for Living Concepts that converts the objects and motion into meshes & IPOs? I don’t know, I’m no programmer but I thought I’d post this and see if anyone’s interested in trying to get the source and tinker with it.


There is a script for Blender that simulates flocking. I don’t know if it is Harkyman’s. I downloaded it a year or so ago. I never tried it, but according to the author it is a fairly advanced flocking simulation program. I have it on my disk somewhere. Allow me a couple of days to post it ok?

I believe this is what toontje means:


look for the “Flock Sim” link.


Or maybe search these forums for “Blender People”