dynamic amatures

I was wondering IF it was possible to make the armatures so that when they hit a object they will rotate on their axis and also deform the mesh they are in. Is it possible? how?

Ah, you mean like a ragdoll. No, not yet.

Yes it’s what I mean…well thanks for the advice.

Depending on what exactly you’re using this for, a rigid body joint (f7) may work o.k. I used them to do a very basic ragdoll where the point was to smash the character through a bunch of blocks, so it never needed to walk around or anything. Also, it was just a fun game, so I left it in a bunch of pieces (think: rayman-style where the joints are missing).

You can also move that body with armatures and when he will be “defeated” exchange the object for a rigid body joint, like say J09.

thanks that cool.:cool:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make a skinned mesh deformed by a rigid-body ragdoll; it will have to be separate pieces, no matter what, until blender gets ragdoll support.