Dynamic Ball

Hi all,

Here is the making of of the project called Dynamic Ball made with Blender Game Engine by my students at Infographie-sup.be CG college :

  • Adrien Xhibitte
  • Olivier Deveux
  • Christopher Helin
  • Audrey Cauchie

Dynamic Ball has been developed with Autodesk 3ds Max and free software Blender.


Watch the making of, running game and download the Blender file

That’s a really neat system your students put together. The gameplay appears to be very smooth. How does the ball controller function?

Sounds interesting…
I too would like to know how to operate that controller.

May I mirror your .blend file?
(it was fun by the way)
Many members won’t go through the hassle of signing-up for another site…

Here is a mirror of the file: HEAJ_Dynamic_ball.zip
I can remove it if you want me to…