Dynamic bones in GE?

So I think I read here that you cannot have dynamic bones/armatures? But can only use ips for animations?

However, can you track a bone to an object? And move it that way? Or no.

right now the easiest answer is no, you cannot move a bone in a game outside of an action actuator.
However there are work-arounds. For example, the “property” action actuator, which basically sets the frame of an animation to the specified property. Using this method, some logic, and lots of python, you can do pretty much anything with an armature in the game engine. (it gets SUPER complicated though. I mean like, SUPER SUPER!)

iIf you want an example, I made a skinned ragdoll test called super worm.

there’S like NO WAY for having any control of the bones in BGE exept Action… I looked all the python function BGE related and you cant even get a single function about bones not even something like bone.getPosition() ! Pseudonym’s way might be the only way I can think for now :frowning:

When you say action actuator do you mean running an ipo?

And where can I download super worm? I thought I saw it once before, but cannot remember where.

Thanks very much.

Action actuator is completly different from Ipo, you cant move bones with ipo. just the complete armature. and superworm is in the work in progress section

Hmm, perhaps I am calling the frames IPOs and should be calling them something else?

I thought that was what the action actuator was all about, calling the object ipos and running them.

What I thought would be possible if you want to do a game where when you die you go limp, I’d make the Parts of him dynamic in ragdoll settings and make it so that when he dies, it just deletes the armature.

Cool, I will look at that… havent done any armature work or ragdoll stuff. Well I did the bsod when I first started with blender.

That was in Jan, so I dont remember it. I was just curious when I read some stuff in the wiki, and thought maybe it could be done, in a backwards manner.