Dynamic brush doesn't affect canvas

hi everyone,

I’m working on this university project where we have to copy an advertising. The advertise that we decided to copy is this one from oreo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp4mZChA6RM. In the first 2 seconds the oreo run and jump into the milk lake making some splashes. We are trying to do that with fluid simulation (it’s beacuase we must use a certain number of different techniques) and not with that paper style. So i set the lake as a canvas and the oreo, that follow a path, as a brush but when the oreo jump into the lake it doesn’t generate any effects at all and i’m not understanding why.

ba_version.blend (4.9 MB)

Hi. Fun animation!

You select PlanoLatte and in Edit mode you subdivide it at least one more time. Or you add Subdivision Surface modifier in it at the top of the stack above Dynamic Paint modifier.

wow it was so simple! thank you vey much!!
I have tryied more or less everything :sweat_smile: