Dynamic button is gone and dLoc and dRot is gone?

Does anybody know where the Dynamic button and dLoc and dRot is nowadays??
I tried to follow the tutorials on
but of course everything is different. I have followed these tutorials before and they have worked for me, but now with Blender 2.48a a lot of buttons are gone. Dynamic is gone and dLoc and dRot is called Loc and Rot.

I’m running Windows XP with screen resolution 1280x1024. Actually I can’t see all buttons in the button window eitther. How do I change that? Still I’m pretty sure the buttons I want isn’t outside the screen.

I’m a newbie at Blender but I used to be able to follow these tutorials before and now I can’t. Can anybody help? Please…

dLoc and dRot are now Loc and Rot; they’re functionally identical.

“Dynamic” is now part of the drop box on the top-right of the game properties window, with various options between No collision, Static, Dynamic, Rigid body, and Soft body.

now you’ve a “pop-up” menu (static by default) and you must make a choice!

Thanks a lot :), but I have difficulties to find this drop box or popup. Also this clipping of the user interface window puzzles me. Do you know if it’s possible to run Blender at the resolution 1280x1024? (32 bits) Maybe the scrollbar is outside the screen??

I attach a screenshot of how it looks.

This would so much make me happy if you could help me solve this!!!

Here comes the screenshot. Notice the clipped buttons at the lower left


Could you please tell me how to find this Game properties Window? Are you using a much higher resolution than 1280x1024? My graphic card doesn’t support it…

the drop down box is on the far left hand side of the buttons window, and the properties button is just below it. to move the buttons over put your cursor in the buttons panel, hold down the middle mouse button, and move the cursor to the right, and this should move the buttons.