Dynamic Character Movement Problems

Blend file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mKa9IpqTs6t0R2HMTwvo30O7ymYQ6Bng

I’ve been working on making a dynamic character for a game, and I’m having some movement problems.

Right now, I’m using simple motion for the running/walking, and linear velocity for the gravity and jumping. Whenever the character runs into a wall, it just phases through it. Is there a way to use different ways of moving to be able to prevent this?

use velocity or force to move the character

In order for the jump to work, it needs to be added velocity. This isn’t a problem for the jump, since the tap option is on for the keyboard sensor, but for something like running or walking which requires you to hold the key, force and added velocity make the player go incredibly fast. I can’t use set velocity either, since when you jump, you don’t land.

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Ok looked at .blend and as i said working fine with velocity (as it should)

here is your blend: https://easyupload.io/ogv9zc

What i have done:

  • Only changed W key
  • W key had 2 motion bricks, removed one
  • changed W key to velocity (1.4 for walking(it’s 4 now to run to wall faster))
  • changed collision bounds of your building and player (you had it setup wrong, nothing to do with teleporting trough wall, that is purely the movement option you use, only force and velocity move/pushes the object, the other methods teleports the object, that’s why it’s going trough the wall)

also, maybe you like my 8 directional third person setup (python and adjustable settings)

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i downloaded your files , the box doesn’t move and when i press K only the mouse cursor appears😕 … shoud i do somthing first ?

Did you open it with a UPBGE 0.2 version?

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i opend it with 2.4

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strange, the upbge .blend works in any upbge, with a tiny fix it works in upbge 0.3.0 as well.
the BGE .blend works in all blender versions. tested from 2.6 i believe.

So you must have done something wrong, try downloading it again.

Just tested it in 0.2.4 works fine

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It’s ok , i have unchecked the controller with “check on start up” works fine now