dynamic debris help

i was thinking about creating a jet that would smash into a cliff, leaving lots of debris. I’ve been trying to do test animations by creating the parts as seperate objects and then adding copy loction constraints and using the game engine for dynamics. Problem is that the engine won’t recognise the constraints. I’m wondering how can i trigger all the objects to follow one object then trigger them to be individual.
i hope you guys can help.

There is tutorial and demo for dynamic parentingin GameBlender - you have to add “unparent” action , when debris is released.

@ hakatu
but you must use small objects instead of alpha maps

@ ashsid , i have seen this file too long , and it is great , i have a question , what is your advice for someone who wants to become a programming guru , … have he to learn c++ first like you , or it is normal to start with python , i don’t mean to know the programming sentences and reserved words and syntax , but i mean the way to become able to think of anything to program and get it done …
what is the best book for c++ in your opinion
good luck :slight_smile: .