Dynamic framerates and Motion Blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

How can I change the framerate of a game while it is running?? I actually want the framerate to be increased when showing a character fall from a height during a fight.

Is there any way of turning on and off motion blurr dynamically inside the BGE when a game is running??

Well you could use a time run python script containing the lines:

setLogicTicRate(desired framerate)
setPhysicsTicRate(" ")

Mind that this will just lower the framerate, not cause it to “slowdown”, just make it choppier.

hi. sorry but how do you motion blur in blender? please give me some of ur knowledge. =D


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Well, hi there Mianz.
I only know how to enable Motion Blur in the blender animation system but not in the BGE. So here’s how you do it in the blender animation system:
Go to the render buttons under the scene buttons and check for the button labeled “MBLU”. Enable it. Below that button, you will find a button as “f: 0.50”. This is the Motion Blur factor. Change it to suite your needs.

Hi 1/1 Credit(s), thanks very much. But, could you please suggest some way to slow down the scene dynamically?

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