dynamic guass blur

this is just my experiment with dynamically changing the radius of a guass blur by resizing a mesh. I had to make a 600x600 image, with a 400x400 centered black square, blurred at a 100px guassian blur. then I made a 3x3 face grid, projection at a project-from-view bounds, top-down. I attached the mesh to an armature - four bones per corner face, copy scale to a bone to control the blur size, then everything is parented to a main bone (to control total size). I have a final bone tacked on that you can feel free to remove, the blur size and total size bones both with a copy scale to the final bone. here are the names:
the four behind-the-scenes bones - bone.001, bone.002, bone.003, bone.004
whole scale - just ‘bone’
blur size scale - bone.005
total scale - bone.006

the blend can be found at “www .paste all.org /blend /3531” without the spaces (the forum is removing my link to paste all!!)

hope someone finds this interesting or helpful. it was just a test to see if Gaussian blurs can be resized, and I assumed that I just have to get the WHOLE of the corners of the guassian blur on a corner. looks like it worked!