Dynamic Hair Test With Animation

Just testing the new dynamic hair in blender:

OK, end of joke. There is no dynamic hair in blender. This is just my latest hair test. I still think it is pretty cool. I hope no one is mad…

The ill advised joke aside, this is actually very good. Did you use softbodies at all?

yeah, it is the new hair and 4 guides with softbody.

Ugh, I’m tired of downloading the updates. lol. I’ll have to download this one though. Can you provide a link if possible?

Streen, you can download the Orange build from the testing builds forum at blender.org

It contains not only all updates, but also a lot of new things (which afaik won’t be in the official 2.40 release yet) like support for grouped objects, layered materials, a fresnel shader and some more nice stuff.

Yeah, I know where to find them, I just didn’t feel like searching through all the other stuff to find it. Lazy, I know…I know.

I have heard about this layered materials before, what exactly is it? Can’t you layer materials as it is or is that textures?

womball, yes; previously you could only layer textures on top of each other. With Orange Blender you can also layer whole materials on top of each other using one of the available blending modes.


Streen, it’s easy to find :slight_smile: the build is currently in a sticky topic with ‘orange’ in the subject (I’m too lazy to read back the subject ;)).

Pseudonym, Did you use the orange CVS?

So it needs the new orange build??? :expressionless:
oh a quarter thousand of posts. I am nearing my monkeyhood.