Dynamic lights > apply colours to vertex?

ok how do you make the vertex colours of the objects in a scene lock as what they are when they are all told to react to the light you’ve set up?



oh, and does this remove the texture co-ordinates…I cant see why it would like in using radiosity.

Doesnt remove textures!

In the edit buttons, on the lower left, there is a vertex colors “make” button. When you click it, it will apply lighting to the meshes vertex paint. Make sure to turn the realtime lighting on the meshes faces off to see what it looks like. It tends to make the lighting blocky, even if you said smooth. To fix this problem, use vertex paint with a very low opactiy, and just start painging anywhere on the mesh, and will blend all the vertex paint together making it smooth.

Hello Abracsis
Follow this simple ex:

add a Sphere
add two or three different colour lights
Select the sphere
Do Alt-z to real-light mode
Do V to make Vert Col as Saluk said
Do W to share vert Col
And that’s it
Nice colours and shadows with no textures