Dynamic Link Libraries : Possible ?

Is it possible to implement the concept of dynamic link libraries in Blender using python scripts.if someone can just help me with this,it would be great !


You mean like Dynamic Loading? Not yet! They have implemented it in Blender 2.5 though, you should talk to Moguri.

Hope that helps!

If you mean a Dynamic Link LIbrary (otherwise also known as shared libraries), you can use Python’s ctypes to access them. You can also build a Python module that uses the Python C API. These are built as shared libraries (although, in Windows they are renamed to *.pyd instead of *.dll).


Blender 2.49:
You can link groups from other .blend files. Use the “Link” option rather than the “Append” option when appending groups <Ctrl><F1>.

You can’t change the link at runtime.

An option you have would be to replace the .blend files and restart the scene. It will reload the groups from the library path -> the new .blend file.

Thanks Monster
that will be really useful for my up coming projects.
i now know that the similar concept is extensively applied in the game ‘Yo Frankie’

i think i got the complete python 2.x documentation and i will try to understand Python C API to be a better python programmer with my current C++ knowledge ( i am a quick learner you know ! )