Dynamic Loading Tutorial

Hey guys! Back with another tutorial. It’s how to create a dynamic loading system in the blender game engine.

Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


I like it! especially for fps games it could be useful

uhmmm, i tought that this was about a diferent dynamic loading, thanks for share aniway

@leonnn you mean loading a scene before starting it? Am i right?
Well I created this some time ago so if you have questions

Thi’s not dynamic loading, but dynamic show/hide :wink:

Like the new blender dynamic loading feature, i nver used it but i know that there is something like it on it and its a very powerfull thing

With a TRUE dynamic loading you can have a very big scene (bigger than Blender can show complete), and the dynamic loading system sould load it FROM DISK, but only the part of the scene around the camera.

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:

True! It is literally a dynamic show/hide. My coder’s working on a TRUE dynamic loading. For all intents and purposes and indie games made in blender though, this should do ;D

TRUE dynamic loading already exists. How is your coder “working” on it?

idk ask him :smiley:

Yes, I know it exists, just not sure how to implement it.