dynamic mask

hello! newbie here, spent about 30 or 40 hours total with Blender and really appreciate the community. Thank you.

i’ve added a series of masks to a .mov file in mask mode in the movie clip editor. when i go to the node editor, i notice my mask only has output. furthermore, the mask outputs a single frame. how can i combine the mask with the video?

You probably have your image set up as a single image rather than a movie.
Go to the texture tab to where you’ve designated your image texture and under the “image” subpanel, make sure that your source is set to movie instead of single image.

Although I advise against using a .mov file or any encoded video format. If you have the HDD space, try decompressing your video into single image frames into a single folder and use the “image sequence” as source.
It decreases the load on blender significantly and is generally a better way of working.

Hope this helps

EDIT: apparantly I misread a few things in your post, but I do think that this should similar to my explenation, except you should be looking in the clip properties.

Thank you sir.

there is no issue running the .mov file with alt-a

the mask that i created frame-by-frame in mask mode does not appear in the file, and there is no export setting i have identified to export or render the file into multiple files or a single file with the mask present.

i mean, the mask node has no input-- and as far as i can tell the mask node only outputs a single frame.

is there any way to combine the image nodule with a mask nodule in compositor to play the file or sequence of images with the mask? perhaps this requires a script? i will be looking into the clip properties as you suggested and hope to find answers there! thank you

answer found here: http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/feature-videos/?video=imaging