Dynamic, mesh conforming, weathering shader

Hello! Earlier today I posted the following work on the Blender subreddit, but I thought I might as well share a sneak peak of it here on BA aswell. It is one of one of my upcoming BlenderMarket products; an advanced dynamic masking toolkit along with smart materials.

[SUB](The stock shader with randomized settings)[/SUB]

I thought Blender has been lacking really good weathering and mesh conforming shaders, so this is what I’ve managed to produce so far. The shaders run on GPU, are fully dynamic and procedural but may be complemented with an AO map and a detail texture to enhance the fidelity.

[SUB](A sample of the dynamic mask selection)[/SUB]

The idea behind these smart materials is to utilize all the available mesh information, such as relative direction, position, curvature, cavities, occlusion, etc. and analyze this using an algorithm which conforms the shader to the mesh. Thus allowing dynamic weathering effects such as: edge wear, crevice dirt, tarnish, color bleaching, height based crevice sand, paint chipping, rust, scratches, leaking streaks, and much more, without any manual work. You can add a smart material to any mesh and it will conform to the curvature of it and add its weathering effects accordingly.

[SUB](Parametric wear and tear masks)[/SUB]

Currently the shader only uses the mesh itself for the base effects, but it also support AO-maps for improving occlusion-based effects and vertex paint/correction maps, allowing manual control over where to apply or remove the effects. (All the images included are using only mesh data, no AO map)

This is currently only an early prototype and the shaders shown are just quick examples, and not the final product. More features will be added, such as edge/crevice detection for normal maps, more procedural patterns and masks affecting all the channels (roughness, metalness, albedo, normals) for baking. The included examples are using random settings. I will make some proper material presets once the algorithm is finished.

TL:DR; I made a shader which uses the mesh data to create weathering masks.

Would you guys be interested in this shader? Any feedback so far? Questions?

Also, some more images are available in this Imgur gallery


Wow, this will be a cool addition to Blender. And the shaders do look awesome already. Sorry if this is a dumb question. But is it for Cycles?

looks pretty nice. welcome to BA

This looks very interesting. Can’t wait to find out how this is done!!!

Wow, this looks impressive! Is this using actual image textures and mixing them together in a smart way, or is it all strictly procedural?

Looks cool, I’ll keep an eye out for more info.

It would help with my abandoned house scene.

@minoribus: yeah it is for cycles. But I will release an addon to bake out PBR maps from it for game engines.

@Modron: Thanks mate!

@wolverine96: I started out all procedural, but it makes the performance suffer so I switched to shipping it with a seamless texture bundle, but you can always plug in procedural textures instead. The effects are all procedural though, using mesh data.

Also, I released a small preview of the kit, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwtkMk3-1Sb_ZzI5dzlQSzhtbmM/view?usp=sharing

What drives all the finer details in the “edges” map? In the search for better Nodes, I’ve stumbled on literature where this chaos and scratching is beautiful and happening with ease but I’m confused how. Is this driven by procedural textures?

edit - found that literature I stumbled on: quixel.se/dev/issue01

Anxious to see and know more! Thanks for posting!

awesome work i can’t wait to see the final result…!!!

Oh man! This looks fantastic! Awesome work! I’ve been waiting for something like this :D. When do you think you’ll be releasing it??

This looks great has it been released? I would love to see the nodes for this.

Sounds absolutely BRILLIANT!

Any chance this file could be uploaded again? I’d love to try this out on a model I’ve been itching to complete

Hey, amazing work, sorry I only happened upon it so late, but are you still working on it, or where could I find it if it’s a finished product?

@sinnerman you and me and many others :wink: