Dynamic Netoworking module help

So im having trouble getting Agoose’s dynamic networking thing to work i open two instances of it one i click on host and the other i click on client and i type in my local ip address and click go but nothing happens. and also how do you add this to you level so that when you hit go it takes you to the game level?

First, i need to know which version that you’re using?
If you aren’t sure, then grab the “lazy build” from my website:

Then, follow the instructions on the page.
It’s likely that you are using the terminals, and not the plugins that go with them.

ok ill grab thows.

“edit” the link doesnt work.


haha thats fine um with the patched version of blender when i save the game as a runtime can people still play it just fine?

Yes, but you’ll have to include the scripts in the runtime directory.