dynamic object is too bouncy

Ok I set the physics of the player from Character to Dynamic.

my issue now is that it bounces around too much.
where can I find the variables to remove the bouncing?

Try changing the mass.

Sadly that does not solve my issue, I already changed it quite the amount and it still gives the same issue.

add a Material and “play” with friction ( and the “ground” friction too)
Set “collision bounds” to “box” or “Mesh”, maybe?
Play with "Form factor too, set it too 1?

ok, everything works except the bouncyness, maybe aworkaround?

if grounded:
   downwards force +1?

maybe this helps? some suggestions?

on collision with map-----------python

in python

own.WorldlinearVelocity.z = own.WorldlinearVelocity.z*.5


Here is a tasty lil demo,

Collision -Property -Map-----------python

python text

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner


DemoFileZfall.blend (450 KB)

it only bounces when it collides with the ground on falling.

I would like to help you, but you have to post a blend. Otherwise it’s too difficult to see what’s going on. Try to recreate the problem in a small blend file. I know there are some issues with collision, but there are ways to work around it. I suspect that the problem is the Collision Bounds (of the character as well as the floor) in combination with Friction and the ground being a Triangle Mesh (which would be only normal).

The best way I found to completely avoid bumping of the ground is to completely handle friction through the player motion script. A while ago I worked on this so I could give you some pointers, that is, if you want to go into that direction. (It probably will complicate things for you, but I think it just can’t be helped).