Dynamic object jumping problem

I have a dynamic object setup where when the spacebar is pressed the object jumps. The problem I am having is when the dynamic object is in the air and you release the spacebar the object doesn’t fall… it flies back down.

What do you mean with “flies back down”? does it fall to slow?

How did you setup the jump?

What I mean by flying back down is that instead of falling normal when you release the spacebar it looks like the object launches itself downward back to the ground. I have a simple logic brick setup of five sensors, controllers, and actuators on a cube (forwards,backwards,left,right, and jump)

please show me your configuration of the motion actuators

forwards is -0.10 on the Y-axis
backwards is 0.10 on the Y-axis
left is rotated 3 degrees on the Z-axis
right is rotated -3 degrees on the Z-axis
jump is 0.15 on the Z-axis

you min loc?

Better use forces or velocity on physical objects (sofbody, rigid body, dynamic). Loc is like teleporting and you will discover problems when colliding with walls.

Anyway: Does your object falls as expected when it is in the air at startup?