dynamic paint and Cycles

Hey guys,
im working for a new pic, i wanna make a pic with many colorful dots and drops from dynamic paint ( emitter, rain).
So long no problem, but how can i render the colorful image on my objects with cycles?
Cycles dont show the colorful dots and drops.
Pleasee help me!

Hey Markus,
thank you for your help, but i dont know where can i bake the texture with my " colordops from dynamic paint, wich i have made with particle"
In the dynamic paint panel?

A picture says more than 1000 words…

In red are some settings you have to set:

  1. “Format: Image Sequence” (The dynamic paint data will be saved as an image sequence and not as vertex colors)
  2. The object should be UV-unwraped, specify the UV-Map in the “Output”-tab
  3. You have to set the filepath for the dynamic paint image sequence

And of course the particles should be brushes, otherwise you won’t see anything.

Then hit the “Bake Image Sequence” button
In cycles use one of the images as a texture.