Dynamic Paint - I can't save output (using Carrot 2.58.1 r38284)


I can’t seem to get Dynamic Paint to work - am I doing something wrong? I’ve looked at the guides on http://www.miikahweb.com and also a tutorial on YouTube.

I’ve completed the baking stage and it tells me there are frames on disk, but then I can’t find them. There’s nothing in the usual Blender output folder - I’ve even done a search of my entire hard disk.

Apologies if I am missing some very obvious step.
Thanks in advance for any help


PS I’ve tried both the 32-bit and the 64-bit Carrot builds - I’ve tried downloading from Graphicall as well as http://www.miikahweb.com. Am currently using Carrot 2.58.1 r38284 for Windows.

To answer my own question:


In the new version of Dynamic Paint, there will be 3 options for output:

  • Image Sequences. The old Dynamic Paint type. You can bake results as UV wrapped image files.
  • Vertex. A new format that operates on mesh vertex level. Results are stored by point cache and can be displayed in viewports.
  • Ptex. A new format that operates on sub-face level. Results are also stored by point cache.

I haven’t spent any time investigating the latter two formats yet, but I have solved my image sequence problem (a basic error, I’m embarrassed to admit - I hadn’t selected “paint” as the surface type for the canvas, under Dynamic Paint-Advanced).