Dynamic Paint in BGE

Is it possible to use Dynamic Paint with the BGE?

that would be cool
i don’t think its possible at the moment

I can you this to light a map, in real time!!!
I have the idea but not the skill to code it,

Particles emitted by “Light”
Particle strikes object - object has Uv map that is black, object has seperate uv map that is the object well lit,
striking the surface causes a blend of the two based on a spherical falloff, aligned with where the uv mapped texture was struck,
so each strike would light an area,

you could also do this with spheres,

also imagine in a bge game, a wizard casts a spell, a shower of ice shards fly from his hand, everywhere they strike displaces and also re-textures the ground, forming an ice shard wall :slight_smile: so like destructive terrain but additive terrain instead using displacement overlaying a texture somehow based on the collision.

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