Dynamic Paint in Cycles example on YouTube - How did he do this??

Hi all,

I’m working on a fountain animation with fluid physics. I got a nice bake, and now i want to use Dynamic Paint physics to leave wet traces on the fountain obstacles.

All Dynamic Paint tutorials on the web are using the Blender Internal renderer. It seems impossible to use Cycles because you can’t use sequenced images as textures. Yesterday I discovered the ONLY Dynamic Paint-in-Cycles-video on the intenet.

My question is : How did he do this ?!? (and yes, I did already ask the uploader himself ;))

You’ve been able to use image sequences in Cycles for a while now. You should just be able to set it up as you would expect.

Hey m9105826,

Thx for quick reply. I’ve got V2.64 installed. But can’t sequenced images it in node editor? (under add->texture). Or am I looking in the wrong place?


Installed 2.65a, and yes, it works! THX!