Dynamic paint issues on image in 2.8

Hello there
am playing around, trying the dynamic paint on an Image texture, and encountered a Problem…
my baked Pictures in the Folder are turned 180 Degrees and have a transparent Background, although camera is checked…
could it be the Image texture set up? Or did I missed something else?
thanks in advance


Did you UV unwrap the cube?
If you UV unwrap and set an initial color, it will automatically paint fill in the UV unwrapped area of the image, with the initial color prior to adding the dynamic paint.

Hope that helps.

thanks that helped!
now only issue left… the Image is turned 180 Degrees
even after turning the camera 180 Degrees, the Image remain the same!!!
no idea how to repare this?

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Sorry, after testing I couldnt recreate your problem. As default, it should render the image sequence with the same orientation as your UV’s. So have no idea how to fix it. Unless someone with more knowledge than me comes along, I`d advise, quickly recreating the basics of your scene in a fresh file, and see if the problem still exists, if it doesn’t, compare the settings from your old file where the problem exists, hopefully you will be able to spot the difference that way. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

thanks a lot

as there werent too much pics in the Folder I ve turned them manually in Paint…
will have a go on your idea…

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