Dynamic Paint - more than one brush

I have a project that requires several dp brushes to affect a plane.
However, only the first renders. Even after re-baking several times and double checking all other settings.
The whole action takes place over a 2 minute animation.

Can dynamic paint only handle one brush per project?
I also have the issue of the plane material not rendering (renders black) even though it is set to vertex paint.
This solution looked promising but I may have to look at another option…

Hi, having a dp canvas with multiple brushes (with vertex paint) is no problem… the only problem is
proper rendering in cycles… as cycles doesnt support alpha in vertex colors.
See here…


I took a look at the sources as well… there are MCols and MLoopCols, both have 4 components (r, g, b, a), but only 3 are exposed through RNA, thus only r, g, b are used in cycles as well. Would require to expose this in RNA as well as letting cycles pick it up properly.

I also attached an example blend with a possible result in cycles (ignoring alpha)

dynamicpaint_example.blend (1.16 MB)