Dynamic paint not rendering

Hey guys. Using dynamic paint to deform mesh but the deformity is not showing up in the render. What I missing anyone



Impossible to say with such a minute amount of info supplied.
Why no links to .blend and textures.
Are any modifiers set to be enabled for both viewport and render time

Heya Richard

Can’t upload it here for some reason but I’ll attach the blend file is here. Render is enabled in viewport and render I believe

Any ideas?

In the blendfile you linked, the active camera is aimed out into empty space instead of at your models. Or is there more to the question?

Edit: Never mind, I see what you’re describing. Checking into it.

Turning off or lowering the Kd texture’s influence on normals allows rendering of the dynamic paint effect. Now to figure out how it’s interacting with dynamic paint Waves.

You are dead right CD38. Not sure how that happened but it should be Camera.002


Hello i am very new to blender and i have kind of the same problem.
I use dynamic paint for a brush to paint on wood texture.
In the view i see the effect but when i render nothing happens.
I figured out that it has something to do with the wood texture because when i paint on a random white plane it works.
Can you please help me an tell me how i need to set the wood texture so that the render result is working?

Kind Regards :slight_smile: