Dynamic Paint Not Working


I’m trying to learn how to use dynamic painting. I set my brush and canvas and they are intersecting, but not painting?

I’m following a tutorial and he was using 2.66, has anything major changed since then in terms of dynamic paint interface?

I’ve attached my blend file for reference, it wouldn’t work through the official site, so here is a dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8wwyi12d4nfuwp/Ocean.blend?dl=0

did you press the bake button in dynamic paint settings?
(edit) btw I couldn’t get your file download to work. try pasteall or use the attachment feature.

try to change in the brush settings the dynamic paint source to proximity.

I know this thread is some older… am having same issue… brush is set to Proximity and have baked all dynamics… nothing
my brush (cute) will not paint on the canvas (plane)

I am using Blender 2.72B

Cross post, I made a very simple dynamic paint for footprint in the snow video:

Ok, I am struggling with Dynamic paint and cycles too.
Using the most basic setup, a subdiv plane and a cube to paint on as the brush.
Set the plane as the canvas and the cube as the brush, shows correctly in the viewport, but on rendering in cycles, nothing happens.
Simple to do in Blender Render, so presumable cycles has some hidden setup needed?

Everything is much easier guys, look at his video it explains all