dynamic paint on ocean sym broken for cycles upon file reload

Hi, I’m trying to use the dynamic paint to paint over an ocean sim.It works fine initially: I paint with dynamic paint, and get the paint data into the material node system using the attribute node. All good.But if I reload the blender file I can’t get it to work anymore. Even if I replay the animation, disconnect and reconnect the attribute node and string, rebuild the node setup, remove and reset the dynamic paint canvas, I can’t get the data back into the node system. It just breaks forever. Please see the screenshots attached—they show the preview with the paint working, the node setup and the material working fine… then, after reopening the file, not!Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help,BF.


If you see closely my screenshots you’ll see what’s wrong. On the “dynamic paint output” the text inputs are populated, but the sign next to them is different. I need to re-click the plus sign for them to be used! That setting is not saved for some reason. Note to self and to others who might stumble upon this. Cheers, BF.

Why do I need to re-click the “+” sign on the dynamic paint output section everytime I reload the file? Why is it not persisted? Is this a bug? I am linking an these objects from another file and the material doesn’t work. I imagine it’s because of the same problem. Also, I imagine that if I upload the blend to a render farm it won’t render properly either because it’d be missing that manual step.

Oh man you are GREAT! I had the same problem and trying for one hour now…
tsss… I guess I would haven`t find the solution - Thanks!