Dynamic paint output changes based on ocean resolution setting

I have a scene with a boat traveling along a path through an ocean plane. The ocean has an ocean modifier on it and dynamic paint canvas settings. The boat has a dynamic paint brush setting. If I render the ocean with a resolution of 15, the dynamic paint data renders properly. If I increase the resolution above 15, the dynamic paint data stops working.

A second problem I’m having is boat isn’t creating any waves as it travels through the plane. The plane has over 8,000 verts, but it is a tiled ocean. Are tiling the ocean and having physical wave displacement incompatible functions?

Dynamic paint result with Ocean resolution of 15:

Render result after changing the resolution to 16 and re-running the animation:

Boat physics settings:

Boat dynamic paint brush settings:

Ocean dynamic paint canvas settings:

Ocean material settings:

Ocean modifier stack:

Ocean shader:

Thanks for any help you can offer.