Dynamic Paint Woes

Hi All,

I am trying to setup a simple dynamic paint system with three canvases. I have one brush to paint across all the canvases. Each canvas has it’s own particle system set to hair mode. I want the particles to deploy then fade out when the brush passes over the canvas.

I think I have everything setup correctly, but I get no action when the brush passes over the canvas.

Can someone who has experience with dynamic paint take a look at my file?



26_dp_alignment_woes.blend (133 KB)

Hi Atom, I think you just need to swap the order of modifiers…

Liero, thank for the suggestion. That does make the canvas objects work.

Do you happen to know how to make the particles align to a curved surface? On a plane I can simply use the Object Y option.

I am trying to deploy particles across a curved surface, for instance the sphere in this scene. But the initial orientation does not seem to work for curved surfaces.

I have tried the default particle settings and enabled Advanced for the hair system so I could try the various Rotation options, but none of them will make my coin scatter across the curved surface correctly when I move the brush. They seem to have their own orientation. I even tried manually rotating the vertices of the particle datablock.


26_dp_alignment_woes.blend (188 KB)

sorry for the delay, it just worked fine for me, rotated particle vertices X 90, emission set to faces and rotation to normal or velocity…


Thanks again, that does work. I also had to enable Rotation under the Dupligroup option for rendering the particles on each particle system.