dynamic parent in BGE

in my experimental scene I have the main character, a gun mesh and a shot animation. Then, through dynamic parent addon, I constrained the gun to follow the hand motion while the shot animation runs.
And this is all right, since, when I press Alt+A, the timeline plays the animation as I wish.
My question is as follow: it is possible to use and control the newly created animation via logic bricks?
I try to implement this kind of logic: if I press a key, for example spacebar, the shot anim runs.
Instead, only the original shot animation seems to work correctly… The new one, with the gun attatched to left hand bone, suddenly seems to be no more registered by the game logic.
How can I solve the issue?

Dynamic parenting addon?

This sounds like something towards Blender. The BGE can do parenting without such thing. Use the parent actuator or python.

E.g. item switch:

  • remove the current item
  • add a new item
    . parent the new item to wherever (e.g. an empty that follows the right/left hand)