Dynamic rope with cloth addon alpha

I am working in my addon for create realistic ropes with blender (2.73a) and cloth simulator.

You can see and try out alpha addon here: http://youtu.be/81LB-p50ncU (link for Download in description video)

In the left toolbar you can see new tab named: Rope.
Note: CAUTION Note that it is a testing version, and have it set to first erase full scene

inspired or based in this tutorial: http://youtu.be/4ANT5vf5H-Y

Enjoy and thanks.

User interface addon

NEW VERSION here http://youtu.be/qWXge40Dlyc

(include other method) based in http://youtu.be/GKrMa2QVqZc EnigmaToots

Nice work. I was just going to try this method and found your addon. Thanks for sharing!

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