Dynamic Sculpting: Brush Shape problems :(

Hey all,

Just enjoying learning Blender…until now.
I’ve been trying to sculpt an elongated rectangular cube into a snail…personal project. :slight_smile:

However when I do attempt sculpting the brush action is deformed along the long axis of the rectangle’s plane.

That is to say the inflate/deflate brush action on a square plane is…a round bubble/hole. Along the long plane the brush action is stretched out so instead of a round bubble/hole you get a long, squashed football bubble/hole…
Am I missing something or doing something incorrectly?
Here’s a pic of two meshes side by side.

Same brush, etc but the effects seem to be different based on geometry.
Is this the way it’s supposed to be?
And I tried loop cutting the rectangular one into sections and the effect remains.
I’m using 2.67 r56533

Thanks for looking.


As for loop cutting, are you subdividing the mesh into equal sized quads, then sculpting? A wireframe view would help understand what is going on here.

Apply scale on your object in Object mode: select it, press Ctrl+A -> Scale. Non-unit scale is what brings this distortion. And it’s actually in the top list of most common mistakes people make :wink:

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As soon as I read your reply the light went on!
Thanks Stan.