Dynamic Skin (realistic skin physics)???


I’m looking for a way to make a characters skin press and fold when it touches other parts of the body (instead of passing through it’s self)

I know of shape keys, but I need something dynamic that calculates on the fly (the way that a real human body would respond)

eg: like how when you bend your arm, the flesh on your fore arm ‘flattens’ its self against your bicep.

eg: someone punches you in the stomach, your gut envelops their fist.

Thanks in advance

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i dont have it tested yet but maybe cloth can help you there. you prob. need a skelleton to make a basic structure and increase the deforming realism but may work.

Ah yes I see,

I have made attempts before, but the model always collapsed.

So building a basic structure prevent that?
what kind of parameters would the cloth need?
would standard softbody be better?

Are there any examples of this being used in Blender?

I would love to see a paper on it, or maybe a video.

since im a complete newcomer to blender (used Cinema4D before) i cant give you any advice or epxerience on that. a “improved” idea i got in this matter is: build the body as a soft-body object and then put the cloth-skin above it. ill test it on a simple mesh and post how it worked out

There’s a better method using the shrinkwrap modifier. There is a muscle rig that uses shrinkwrap as a basis for muscular deformation. I dont have the link to it, just google it.

did you found a way?