Dynamic Sky (Free addon )

Hey guys

little addon i created for fast and easy lighting setup ,

hope you all like it ,

you can download it from my website

if you like it , give me a like on FB



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This seems good improvement for World Sky Texture.
Thank you very much for sharing!

Have you thought about the license for the add-on?

Updated , added license info at the bottom of the download page :slight_smile:

Definately will like your fb. Its fantastic how such a talented artist is sharing co much cool and high quality stuff for free. There are so many people trying to cash from really shitty crap while you give out fantastic stuff for free, keep it up!

Fantastic Add-on. I haven’t created anything yet, but this will seriously change a lot in the realm of lighting. Fantastic work.

Tested it out, seems to be working ok though Cloud color should be sky color instead

You didn’t really explain exactly what it does, but thanks anyway, I’ll download it

You should check out the link , all informations are there

Thanks man … and yup ill change it when ill make “animated clouds” update :slight_smile:

Olá Draguu tenho hum Problema com o Seu addon, Como poso resolver?

Hello Rodrigo , that normal.001 is not the one used for Ligting the scene… dont worry , you shoud try lowering Multiple importance sample to 256

it should work … and this is not an error :slight_smile:

Super! Just as jjjuho mentions, its great when talented people actually uploads great tools for free! I’ll download it instantly.


Great idea! I hate setting up outdoor lighting, so it’s nice being able to just click a few buttons and get a decent procedural setup quickly. Thanks for sharing!

The only thing that bugs me is that the horizon is usually a bit high for my liking. It would be nice to be able to adjust the horizon line height.

Fantastic stuff draguu! Thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

A question. When I have this addon enabled Blender informs some kind of warning message when I use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C” in viewport. Why is that?

Lovely addon!
Is it working in 2.76b?
I just tried it, but although “Dynamic” shows in the dropdown list in the World tab/World settings to be linked, it doesn’t show anywhere else down in the same tab, neither in the Tools panel :frowning:
I just copy the py file to the scripts/addons folder. It does show as active in the list of Addons.

Any ideas?



There is nothing to select called Dynamic Sky in the World tab after enabling the Addon blender Release 2.79 included in Release. Might have been cool if not missing.

Hi Draguu. Thank you for your free add-on. I wish to let you know that it doesn’t work with the latest builds of the upcoming version 2.79 so reading the console’s error messages it seems that it’s affected by a recent change made to the class registration (https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.8/Source/Python/UpdatingScripts#Class_Registration) therefore, just for curiosity, I digged into the error and I made the following changes which seems to resolve the issue:

raw 428
changed from
class Dynapanel(Panel):
class Dynapanel(bpy.types.Panel):

raw 430
changed from
bl_idname = “SCENE_PT_layout”
bl_idname = “SCENE_PT_dynskypanel”

Since the 2.79 release should come out in the next days, it would be nice if this official add-on could be fixed on time in the Git repository. Thank you and best regards

P.S.: Checking in the Git repository I’ve just noticed that Campbell just fixed it.

I have Blender 2.79 and just added DS. However, when I try to take a viewport screenshot it crashes the program and tries to take my entire system down with it. Is this what you’re talking about?

Awesome, I can’t wait to try this addon … thanks :wink: