Dynamic Sky With nice user interface

Hi guys

I am making a dynamic sky using blender cycle world node editor
with using drivers that user can control

example rotate hte sun object then the color of sky changes
rotate the cloud object to rotate and move the cloud
rotate the moon object
when the sky color became dark(night) stars will be shown

and I am thinking of more features like
-solar/lunar eclipse

I hope I can make it as official addon to blender 2.80 for the next development

here some picture of current work

and here is my scene if you would like to try it


Oooh! I’ll be playing with this over the next few days. Thanks for sharing it.

Thank you i will be need for help with it
i need your feedbacks and suggestions

I’m interested in maybe trying to replicate some TimeLapse style skies. Would it be possible with this do you think?

I am not sure what you want excatly but i bellive it will be possible
you can linke the time with sun rotation for example
the you can rotate the moon also there is rotation you controll the moon emmition part
i will link it with sun direction

the cloud i used is about three layes of noise texture and color ramp
you can controll the scale,dtails and distribut of them while rotating the cloud over the time

my work is not complete yet i am working on it and it will developed over the time

i hope it would be as a main tool with in blender 2.80

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Yup, this is kind of what I want to do. Animate the elements to make them look sped up. The light is usually pretty easy (I’ve animated HDRi’s before the get the proper shadow movement) but animating the noise textures themselves will be interesting for me.

I’m just spitballing ideas here too, as I’m not at home right now, but would there be a way to link a HDRi to your sun? I saw an addon that maps the sun (or maybe it was an empty so you could add an object to mimic the sun) to the brightest part of a HDRi so then your sun object (be it a circle or an actual sphere) would always be in the right place if/when you moved the HDRi.

I’ll have a look at the addon when I’m at my desk tomorrow.

I alredy applied this to sun object
Also i applied sun direction to the moon it worked but with some problem in direction so i have to re calculate it

I may need help with this

My goal is to create and add new tool to blender wich is sky object to alloow user to use it with simple nice interface the user hsa not to play too much with values

To make users interested in working with blender

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Sounds good man. I’m all for it :+1:t2: