Dynamic Slice and Cap Add-On 1.1

You can create architectural section models easily in Blender anymore. With Dynamic Slice and Cap add-on, you can create section models like 3dsmax. And you can animate and render your works. This add-on works like 3dsmax’s Slice and Cap Holes modifiers.


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  • Dynamic and Manual Workflow
  • Easy to use
  • Slice (Refine Mesh, Split Mesh, Remove Top, Remove Bottom)
  • Cap Holes
  • Animatable
  • Renderable
  • You can use with modifiers
  • You can work with multiple objects
  • You can save your works in the .blend file
  • You can create material index for capped surfaces
  • You can create vertex groups for capped surfaces
  • You can smooth surfaces for section parts



What artists say about DYNAMIC SLICE AND CAP:




The video shows a box and a cylinder - but how does it behave with a 100k triangle mesh?
I am aware that there are limits to what is possible with blender addons in terms of performance, no matter how hard one tries, but it would be good to see its limitations.

ps: i guess it works with a pre render callback. Did you run into problems / crashes with that? And if so does locking the interface help? The depsgraph had still a lot of problems at least back in 2.81 when I was doing some per-frame geometry processing - did that improve?

Works with 100k triangles. But if you use with Dynamic, this is may be a little slow, but this is normal thing. You can use manual and animate easily.

This apartment model has 55K triangles, and I used dynamic workflow, and I did not met any performance problems.

This video created for reference (like a manual) and for show how use this add-on.

This add-on fix crash problems. Blender crash, if you change mesh when frame change. But I produced solution for fix this problems. The secret is to manage the depsgraph correctly. I showed this on the video. I rendered this apartment demo with 4K resolution several times and never met crash problem.

Here is apartment demo:


Hikmet, I purchased your addon and I like it. What is the process for using this with multiple objects?

Hello Hikmet,

I bought also this add-on and it is a great help for my blender work…
Lot of features inside :+1:

How I have to work with multiple objects ?

Best regards

With same slice plane?

With same slice plane?

Is it possible to create the process in one time … means I mark all my objects I would to slice
and then start the process for all ?

Maybe you upload a short video about this special process ?

If you have multiple objects and you want Slice same time and same Slice plane, this is not possible.

You must Join your objects (like modifiers).

Ok … understood thanks for information… that was also my idea :slightly_smiling_face:

I also thought that, but my idea this will decrease performance.

But maybe I will try this for next releases.

would be nice … thanks

One question more to your good add-on:

Is ist possible to edit the size of Slice ?
If yes how…

… and is it possible to change the slice plan against a quad… ?

Best regards

I tried it with a bigger model… and it runned perfect …

Good job

Size of Slice? If you say size of plane object, yes. Select and scale.

Slice plan against a quad? I don’t understand this.

Sorry for my bad english… I´m German

Ok I ment Size of the plane with which I cap the model ?

And my intension is to cap a Cube out of model … so therefore I asked if it is possible to change
the cap plane against a cube ?

Ok I ment Size of the plane with which I cap the model ?

Yes. Select plane object and scale… But plane size in not important. Slice plane is infinite size.

And my intension is to cap a Cube out of model … so therefore I asked if it is possible to change
the cap plane against a cube ?

Maybe you can explain with drawing.

ok … I will prepare some deeper explanation of my request .

Hi hikmet,
I have a problem that has happened before but this time I want to see if there is a solution. So I have a ceiling that I used your tool to be able to see inside the room and now that i go to move the cutter it seems it permanently cut half of my ceiling. This is an attic ceiling with angles and turns not just a flat plane. I can rebuild the ceiling it, but It will take a little while. Is there a setting I am missing?