Dynamic space lighting

i am trying my hand at lighting now…i cannot emphasise how much cooler space looks with good lighting…if you dont beleive me have a look at this, first one is basic lamp, second one is “dynamic lighting”


Maybe if there were stars and if I knew what the heck that thing is I couuld appreciate, but right now you have me at a loss.

man, you love stars dont you! :slight_smile: i dont know what it is, a test ship i guess…if i have some time i may start some work on it and post it up, but for now it is for test purposes


uhm. those halo spoylights definetly kills the scene

umm ok then…


Technically spot halos aren’t realistic in the vacuum of space because there’s no dust or smoke scattering it.

Use alpha planes with tranclusency all the way up like I did, it looks a lot better then the fake cone volumes that spot halos use.

ok this is going to sound really nooby but what is an alpha plane?

It’s a plane that typically has a sphere blend procedural texture UVmapped onto a plane, the material has 0 alpha and the blend texture is set to stencil, then you set any texture you want and set it to affect alpha in the second texture channel. For brute force light beams you typically want thousands semi-facing the camera and their maximum alpha very low.

a few thouasand planes sounds like a lot of work to set up…

You can set them using a particle system, parent the plane object to the particle system and turn on dupliverts

a few thouasand planes sounds like a lot of work to set up…
For the CPU. Render times go through the roof…of the clouds.

Sometimes that’s the price to pay for good effects. I’ve read that Blender’s volumetric lighting actually has nothing to do with the lighting, it’s just rendering a cone volume. You can’t give it a volumetric texture, and it has other limitations.

Luckily, the Peach team has interest in improving volumetric lighting for things like dusty scenery, we’ll see how that goes.


…yeah…that’s it…that’s what I saw in the sky the other night :spin:

ummm ok then…:yes: