Dynamic surface level animation

Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this effect in Blender?

I have animated this kind of stuff manually, much easier to control than simulation. My usual approach is to use shrink wrap modifiers so that I attach liquid to glass using one vertex group, then I project liquid surface vertices to cutoff object which controls surface tilt and is animated and in the end shrinkwrap vertices that are on edge of surface to glass. If glass is not too tapered and you don’t need extreme shaking it works pretty nicely. One good thing is that you can also generate surface bubbles and they will float with surface animation, just make sure particle system modifier is the last one in stack.

An example of what can be done this way, a beer ad I did last year where beer in glass is manually animated, no simulations. Foam is also controlled with shrinkwrap, foam top surface has lower vertex group weight to get dampening effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2WxLs5Oo94

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Thanks, but I wanted to make it “react like water” like in video Ive posted but I’ll try it out soon :slight_smile: Many thanks for the answer!

Depends on what your end goal is, usually it is to produce something that looks good enough, whatever method you use. If you can make it react like water by animation, it might be good enough in a lot of situations and prevents endless fiddling with simulations.

I just want to have semi realistic water movement in glas and bake the animation to put the animation with glas and “water” in game engine for cutscenes.

If I try it out I will post here my result :slight_smile:

I have a result!

Unfortunately I cannot yet export it gameready with bones. A little more work is needed. Otherwise a great thing!
its not physicaly correct but for game it will be a good illusion :wink:

Thanks for Tips @kesonmis