Dynamic Text Input


I am making this game with blender, and it has math problems to solve.
The way I want it to be is that the math problem will pop-up and you have to type the answer in.
But I have no idea how to make the input text. I already have the dynamic text setup though.Thanks! :smiley:
By the way: I like the cool new interface :)[/SUP]

Could you explain a bit more? I don’t understand how you can have a dynamic text setup without already having the input text in place. Which part are you missing?

Make a new text about. Make a property on it called “Text”, and another one called “toggle” (a True Boolean) (the second prop doesn’t matter how you spell it). Make a keyboard sensor and as the target type in “Text” and as the Log Toggle type in “toggle”.

Then you should be able to type.


​You saved my life THANKS :smiley: