Dynamic Text

Hey, I think this is where this should be. Maybe python???

Anyway, is there a way to have dynamic text in a blend file. I know when you add text it is an object but if you wanted to say…

Have it read a text file, or pull info out of a mysql database and display it somewhere like on a plain or something.

How could I accomplish this?


Is there any way to make a python script print text of any sort to a blend file?

I may be missing the point here a bit, but, if you write anything in the text editor in Blender, highlight that text them press alt-m, the text will be copied to the 3d window as an object. If you then go into edit mode while in the 3d window with the text object selected, you can actually edit the text in the 3d window,the text object in the 3d window should turn light blue, not sure about diferent fonts and such? maybe someone knows more :smiley:

Hope it helps.


What I was trying to figure out is if I used blender to make a web page with the (unsupported) plugin… can I use dynamic data from an outside source such as a text file or mysql. I pretty sure I can access these but can I display the data?