Dynamic texture update

Is it possible to get blender to display textures in the 3d window that are not uvmapped. Its a bit of a pain not being able to see procedural textures and adjust their properties dynamically. Is there a setting i’ve missed or is it just not possible?

it displays regular textures in the 3D window in textured draw mode ( the same mode that allows you to see UV mapped textures), just not a very high resolution compared to the renderer.

I’ve jus tried 2 textures on a cube. One a procedural marble, and one a jpg image of a metal sheet. After going to textured view (i hit alt-z) it just shows as a gey cube, no lowres texture images. Both render out with the textures, but they are not displayed in the window. Any ideas?

Procedural textures are show in the 3D textured view as vertex colors. So, if your mesh is hires you´ll see a good aproximation of the texture, otherwise, just a blend of a few colors of the texture.

Is there any way not to have such high-res models and still be able to see the texture (albeit low-res) the way it will be rendered?

no, currently not.