Dynamic Topo Cylinders?

Is it just me or can you not use cylinders while working with dynamic topology? Doing anything with them will shoot them to an unreasonable amount of polygons and it doesn’t feel dynamic at all. Am I better off fashioning one out of a cube?
I can post pictures if needed, but I hope some other people have this problem too!

you can use a cylinder. if your having issues with the amount of vertices in the area select the collapse short edges checkbox in the topology tool. as a suggestion you might want to create a quad faced end cap rather than the triangle fan. not sure how well an ngon would perform, but for sure don’t use the triangle fan for the end caps.
you can for sure use a cube, if you don’t mind the extra work in modelling your form. as a general rule you will get a better sculpt if you create a base mesh that is somewhat in the shape you want for your finished sculpt.

Dyntopo doesn’t care if you use cubes, cylinders or monkeys. Whatever you do, you will end up with a triangle soup. I don’t understand what you mean when you say the topology doesn’t feel dynamic. It’s changing as you sculpt, adding and removing triangles on the fly, therefore it isn’t static but dynamic, right? You probably mean something else.

Wasn’t my problem, but I figured it out! Turns out i needed to add -a lot- more edge loops to the cylinder for dyna to work well

No, you don’t. Dyntopo doesn’t care about any of that. I think you’re making some kind of mistake. Are you sure you’re not using multires instead?

Detail size set too high. Collapse edges selected?

are you sure you’re using dynatopo? you don’t need anything more than a cube to get started

You might find it a little trickier to get started on a dyntopo sculpt with a cylinder because of how the shape itself contains either long quads or triangles as opposed to just the even squares of a cube.

Though it really might be just an issue with the detail level set, I have found from experience that dyntopo should be able to work well with long faces and not really care about the original topology so much.