Dynamic Topology by Nicholas Bishop

Found this in a Twitter post from graphicall:


Looks like Nicholas is working on dynamic topology. You can find the post here, but there is no further information:



That looks really nice. I remember when we first got the sculpt tool, there was adaptive topology, but it was quickly phased out for reasons unknown.

this looks nice! it would be great to have a feature complete dynamic topology feature inside blender!

Great news indeed!

Nicholas is surely the man to take this to trunk!

Looking forward to the patch!

I looked around and found this entry from Nicholas Bishop about it :

Is it something like unlimited clay? I cannot figure it out out of the posted image.

Yes, just like “unlimited clay”

I hope, this development will run much faster than the Farsthary’s UC…
Or should we have to chose, rate, vote which is the best?

Ultra cool, I wish I had time to contribute!

Nicholas has the advantage of familiarity with the code and easier communication with other coders…
…and a huge amount of features not quite in trunk yet!

(bspheres, ptex etc…)

The big problem to solve is performance, which halted Farstahy who’s now waiting for bmesh integration before working further…

Sounds like there’s not a clear plan for performance yet
see robsoie’s link https://plus.google.com/115590915811…ts/epNuLffrgCC

Reading that it’s clear that the paper Nicholas is referencing allows punching holes right through the mesh

“so a sphere can become a doughnut”.

When reading Michael post I had the feeling that in the past I have seen a videoclip of a sculpting app named “Fusion” with the same possibilities.

But that is not strange as I found out it is the same guy. Those particularly videoclips are deleted but he has a new one.

Nicholas is amazing fast in developer feature to blender

if someone wish to comment Nicholas at G+, but does not have G+ account - could use my invitation https://plus.google.com/_/notifications/ngemlink?path=%2F%3Fgpinv%3DNDijJx2y0VY%3AuTinlbpsOVs

It’s based on this paper:


It’s superior to unlimited clay as it does support topology changes. So you can create holes inside a solid mesh or connect loose parts.

Based on the Zbrush 4 preview 2 videos unlimited clay will allow topology changes also.

interesting. topology changes with so many triangles?

Yes the topology will change when you sculpt. The dynamic topology make it possible to sculpt any any shape without having to worry about the underlying topology at all, that’s the beauty. Of course you’ll need some sort of re-meshing afterwards in order for the mesh to be useful in animation, but that usually the case with non-dynamic sculpting as well. Also Nicholas has already implemented an automatic re-mesh algorithm

Zbrush R2 will came whit dynamesh is the same as sculptris that produces dynamics topology

Blender would gain +3 Str, +3 Dex, +2 Def, and +1 MagDef if all of Nicks projects merged into trunk. Yes, it would be that awesome.