Dynamic Unicode Text (Japanese/Chinese) in Game Engine

I am making a game in Japanese or Chinese and I am facing some problems in displaying Dialogs and Game Displays.

I have been told to use the bitmap fonts method when diplaying dynamic texts, but it would be hardly applicabe as there are thousnds of Chinese characters.

So I am thinking about using the Canvas.create_text() function in Tkinter. As python supports unicode texts, is it possible to draw directly onto the screen instead of drawing onto a canvas window?


Any drawing done in the BGE with Python gets erased before it is seen. The BGE can be broken down into three basic steps: logic, physics and drawing (in that order). Python is in the logic step. At the beginning of the drawing step, the screen is cleared to be redrawn (as it should be). However, this means that anything drawn during the logic step (ie, anything drawn with Python) will get cleared before ever being seen.