Dynamic variation of parameters of an object


I’m having some troubles with object’s properties…
I wrote a script, a simple add-on, that allows the user to create a parametric muscle mesh on the base of some mathematical parameters, such the “belly” , the “contraction”, the 3 points of the action line, the “thickness”, ecc…
The script is composed by an operator “OBJECT_OT_add_object(Operator, AddObjectHelper)” , a function that create the object “def add_object(self, context):”, and by some other functions that create the vertex and handle the parameters.
Everything works fine during the creation, the muscle shape is perfect and follows my parameters. What I would like to do is “to keyframe” my parameters so that the muscle shape can be animated but the only deformation that seems possible to me is the one in the “Re Do panel” that works fine.
Instead i’d like to have a side panel, or something like that, that allows me to change and keyframe my parameters.

I’m removing the #nodevember tag from this post as I don’t think this is an entry, right?

No problem!

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