dynamic vrml export (vrml2.0) - no sensors support

im complaining very long time that I can`t export dynamic vrml which supports sensors. The third party bs_exporter from bitmanagement dosn’t support sensors too. So im sticking seriuosly in trouble with my project. I didnt find any dev who is interested on this issue. If there is anybody who knows the way how I can export sensors in vrml (collision, sound, touch, avatar view etc.), I would be VERY thankfull for each info. Im using blender2.45 on linux with ATI. If you gonna develope such a script, pls take attantion for the ATI. The bs_exporter from bitmanagement f.e. dosnt even start on ATI and gives a xLib error. My grafic card is very good and I wouldnt like to buy nvidia only becouse the one small script is not running (sapphire x1950 pro with 500MB ram).
Im open for each suggestion except: write this script by self.
Natural way Im ready to corporate for speed up the developing, if I can of course.
Maybe there is someone, who is able to modificate the bs_exporter from bitmanagement?

Im thankfull for each answare.